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Upcycled Raspberry Seed Powder (Protein Powder) - 8oz x 10 bags

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Nutraberry's Raspberry Seed Powder upcycles the benefits of raspberry from Seedless Raspberry Jams in their Berry Seed Powder. You get the benefits of raspberries, without all the sugar. Our Raspberry Seed Powder contains 65% insoluble fiber (read: high in protein)! 


Raspberry Seed Fiber

Prebiotic polyphenols are essential to a healthy gut. All of our berries are fresh from farms here in the Pacific Northwest, which is Nutraberry's home. Nutraberry products are upcycled, and fresh.

When baking over 350o F the seed powder releases pleasant berry notes and mixes well into smoothies and yogurt.

Nutraberry Raspberry Seed Powder is a product of raspberry seeds ( Rubus Idaeus L.). The starting material “seed cake” of the crushed fruit is used intact. The result is a full spectrum of naturally occurring compounds and ratios thereof derived from unaltered raspberries inclusive of dietary fiber and the key polyphenol component ellagitannins. Science identifies these compounds as antioxidants with a host of beneficial effects. The source of these compounds is from fruit grown and harvested in the state of Washington where it is harvested only once per year. The processing of the “seed cake” is minimal, with only drying, cold-pressing, and grinding occurring to provide the benefits of the raspberry fiber and the water-soluble constituent antioxidant ellagitannins.

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INGREDIENTS Raspberry Seed Fiber