Collection: Organic Grocery Delivery near Utah

Organic Grocery Delivery Near Utah

Guide to Eating Local Products in Utah

Copper Moose Farm, in Park City, UT is proud to provide our community with the highest quality organically/biodynamically produced vegetables and cut flowers. At Copper Moose, we believe the farm is a living organism, treating it with the utmost respect and care. 

3 Square Produce Farms, in Salt Lake City, UT are a small family run orchard and vegetable farm. We have about one acre of fruit trees and a half acre of vegetables in Bountiful, Utah, and we lease an acre of orchard in Farmington, about 10 miles north. To the south, in Salt Lake County, we lease an acre or so of field for vegetables, as well as three backyards to grow herbs and greens.

Eating local in Utah is relatively easy: 10% of the country's cows are grown in the state. Find ideas, inspiration, and information on eating more local foods below.

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