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Use this marketplace to connect to local farmers & foodmakers... and then get off the internet to go cook and eat! 

Because you can't eat your computer.  Even an Apple.

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Support small family farms!  And small batch mission driven brands!  You can shop by core value, and find products that share those same values.  We have been building a small batch local food system since 2010.  We do the research  find brands that are truly doing the right thing, and don't let big corporations buy them out or grow chemical food on their land. We know how time consuming and confusing it is to do the research — so we do that too — because we can't go back to the way things were.  Hi, we're Farm2Me.

Farm2Me is run by farmers, fisherman, ranchers, and bakers. Transparently connecting you with producers, accessibly and affordably are at the core of a successful local food model. We want everyone to be able to afford local food, like our grandparents did, by shopping from local growers and producers at the local-level.


Getting local food has never been easier. Instead of shipping produce across the world, Farm2Me supports local farmers to bring local food at 50% of the cost to you. Using Farm2Me's network of 18,000 local food makers, the secret is making it easier and more affordable to shop from small batch local producers.

We're creating the next model at Farm2Me.  Models that can easily be replicated in thousands of communities.  One that supports local farms and small batch food makers, by making them accessible and affordable to all.


Our network of farms complain how expensive it is to sell their produce to distributors for $.30 on the dollar, so we created a model where they keep $.90.  Farm2Me handles the technology, distribution, marketing, and sales and we leave the growing to the growers.


Garry Michael is the founder, CEO of Farm2Me — a company that grows local food systems, worldwide. In San Francisco, Farm2Me is rooted in local farms and the bay area community. He has now expanded that to hundreds of cities. His goal continues, to grow local food systems to thousands of cities, worldwide.

Watch Garry’s Food Tank interview where he talks local fresh food delivery and local distribution models, post - COVID 2020.