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"Grass Fed" is a loose term that grocery stores and supermarkets use to sell Imported (not USA) beef from other countries, and sell to you at a premium.

We partner with local farmers and like-minded artisans
 that share our values for Grass-Fed and Non-GMO to connect you to high-quality handcrafted provisions. We partner with farmers who raise animals humanely on open pastures following natural methods for high-quality, sustainably produced dairy that's flavorful and nutritious. Shop a la carte, which means you can combine any dairy products from any farmer, build your own order to get what you need, when you need it. The order minimum for delivery is $35.

Milk from Cows That Eat Organic Grass And Dried Forages, Just Like Nature Intended. Our Cows Are Strictly Grass Fed, Just Like Nature Intended. Learn More. Seasonal Notes Of Pasture. Higher Levels Of Omega-3s. Types: Whole Grassmilk, Reduced Fat Grassmilk.

So, what is grass-fed milk? "Grassmilk" comes from cows fed a nearly 100 percent forage-based grass fed, pasture raised, and pasture finished diet. During the grazing season dairy cows consume nearly all their dry matter from pasture (Grass and Wild Flowers). The cows may consume certain mineral and energy supplements, such as molasses, at low levels

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