Collection: Organic Grocery Delivery near Georgia

Organic grocery delivery near Georgia

Guide to Eating Local Products in Georgia

Buckeye Creek Farm is located 35 miles north of Atlanta in Hickory Flat, GA. We offer organically grown vegetables and fruits through local farmers markets and restaurants. We grow open pollinated heirloom field corn for grinding into cornmeal and grits. Other fruits and vegetables depend on the season.

Two Doves Farm is located just south of Atlanta, GA in the heart of Fayette County. We grow a large variety of seasonal vegetables as well as blueberries, and figs without the use of chemicals or pesticides as nature intended. Our free range hens provide brown eggs for sale and our bees make a very nice honey mostly from clover and buckwheat.

Eating local in Georgia is relatively easy: 10% of the country's olive oil is grown in the state. Find ideas, inspiration, and information on eating more local foods below.

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