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"Adapt" Rose Petal Berry Kombucha Cans - 24 x 12oz

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Komunity Kombucha's "Adapt" Rose Petal Berry Kombucha approaches our struggles with stress and inability to focus, weakened immune systems, an overly active mind, and mineral deficiencies. This tonic carries powerful adaptogenic & immune boosting potentialities - balancing cortisol levels, calming the central the nervous system, rebuilding the immune system, and delivering over 40 trace minerals & 700 phytochemicals.


Nutritional Information

ALLERGENS Kombucha, Jasmine
INGREDIENTS Raw Kombucha (fluoride free filtered water, organic tea and herb blend*, symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, raw organic cane sugar) Herbal Blend - Green Jasmin Tea, White Peony Tea, Yerba Mate, Rooibos, Rose Petal, Lemongrass, Elderberry, Schisandra Berry, Nettle Leaf, Lavender Flower