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1836 Texas Olive Oil Company'Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 12 Bottles x 500mL

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1836 Texas Olive Oil Company' Extra Virgin Olive Oil is beloved by chefs, sought-after by luxury food boutiques, 1836 extra virgin olive oil is grown in Asherton, Texas from Arbequiña, Mission, Picual and Tosca olives and boasts a mild, grassy flavor profile. 1836 Extra Virgin Olive Oil  top-shelf finishing oil made with love and Texas olives is available in 500mL bottles.

1836 A Texas Olive Company's owner and producer Kerry Thornhill, the dream of building an olive orchard began in 2012 with a desire to pay homage to her maternal grandparents, LR (Polo) and Consuelo Vasquez, and their decades of support to Asherton and its community. 1836 A Texas Olive Oil Company orchard’s first commercial production of extra virgin olive oil was harvested in Fall 2016 and bottled as 1836: A TEXAS OLIVE COMPANY. In March of 2017, 1836 made its debut on the shelves of Bering’s in Houston, and since then has grown to include a retail presence at gourmet shops throughout the Houston, Austin, Dallas, Marfa and Central Texas areas.

Made in Asherton, TX

Founded by Kerry Thornhill in 2016

Nutritional Information

INGREDIENTS 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil