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Farm2Me x MIT are working on a NEW Carbon Counter that will be a standard for Traceable Farming, Ranching, and Transparent Food Production:

"I don’t know of an easy way to 'Carbon Count' that is very accurate.  Barilla—the pasta company—produced environmental food pyramid, calculating carbon, water, and land requirements for different food types—this was supposed to be a guide to eating environmentally in the same way the original food pyramid was a guide to eating healthily. The issue, however, is that it did not distinguish how using different management techniques or sources for the same food type could lead to different emissions.  E.g. Beef was the most water, CO2 and land intensive of any food type—but it didn’t distinguish how grass fed versus grain fed beef might differ, or different manure management systems would affect methane emissions, etc. And, most carbon foot print calculators I’ve seen operate at this coarse level, and so they don’t really reward companies that go the extra mile to reduce their carbon footprint—they only rate different things.  I can’t think of a way to get much better than that without a fairly intensive case by case analysis." - MIT Professor, 2021

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