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Biodynamic Agriculture ™ is a revolutionary new certification for food, textiles, and personal care ingredients. Biodynamic Agriculture Soil: Builds Soil Organic Matter, Conservation Tillage, Cover Crops, Crop Rotations, No GMOs or Gene Editing, No Soilless Systems, No Synthetic Inputs, Promotes Biodiversity, and Rotational Grazing.  Biodynamic Agriculture Animal Welfare:  Five Freedoms, Freedom from discomfort, Freedom from fear & distress, Freedom from hunger, Freedom from pain, injury or disease, Freedom to express normal behavior, Grass-Fed / Pasture-Raised, Limited Transport, No CAFOs, Suitable Shelter. Biodynamic Agriculture Social Fairness:  Capacity Building, Democratic Organizations, Fair Payments for Farmers, Freedom of Association, Good Working Conditions, Living Wages, Long Term Commitments, No Forced Labor, and Transparency and Accountability.

Biodynamic Agriculture™ farms and products meet the highest standards in the world for soil health, animal welfare, and farmworker fairness.  

Biodynamic Agriculture™ is overseen by the 501(c)3 nonprofit Biodynamic Alliance.

has much in common with other organic approaches – it emphasizes the use of manures and composts and excludes the use of synthetic (artificial) fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides on soil and plants. Methods unique to the biodynamic approach include its treatment of animals, crops, and soil as a single system, an emphasis from its beginnings on local production and distribution systems, its use of traditional and development of new local breeds and varieties. Some methods use an astrological sowing and planting calendar.

Demeter International is the largest certification organization for biodynamic agriculture.

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