Use Farm2Me to connect with sustainable food buyers and food pantries, and come fight food waste with us.


Each year, more than one third of food produced in the world goes to waste, and it is responsible for 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions. We are on a mission to change that - are you with us ?

We have high standards for the food we sell through Farm2Me. For every product we carry, we consider how it is grown, made, or processed, as well as where it comes from and how it tackles its food waste management initiatives.

We care about animal welfare, biodynamic practices, sustainable production methods, fair labor, regenerative agriculture, and anti-waste. You don’t have to be certified organic but we like to work with farmers who consider themselves stewards of the land and producers who source ingredients responsibly. We hope you feel the same way!



Causes for food waste, and how we help?
There is not just one reason for food being wasted, but many different ones. Farm2Me can help you find out what you are struggling with when it comes to food waste and how to address this systemic issue.

  • Regular replenishment of stock and large product quantities on display
  • Demand unpredictability and challenges in demand forecasting
  • Over-ordering, overstocking and lack of adequate storage facilities
  • Availability of ready-made fresh food and products with relatively short shelf-life
  • Preparation residues (e.g trimmings, peels) and lack of repurposing of ingredients
  • Regular replenishment of stock and large product quantities on display
  • Inadequate package sizes to attract consumers
  • Outdated promotional, damaged, and unpopular items
  • Availability of ready-made fresh food

How long do you store products in your warehouses?
We like to think of our warehouses more as depots than traditional warehouses. Items come in and we get them out as soon as possible, usually within a few hours so that our customers get products at their peak freshness. As such, this typically means that our partners make multiple deliveries each week. If your products are shelf-stable, we’re flexible on this depending on warehouse availability.

How much does it cost to sell on Farm2Me?
Farm2Me is committed to getting our partners--the people who grow and make food--as much of every sale as possible. Making your businesses more sustainable financially is why we exist. When partners sell through us, they get about 100% of every dollar our customers spend compared to the 10% producers usually see when selling through traditional grocers, or 70% when selling through competitor marketplaces.

What are your payment terms?
We pay all invoices within Net 0 of receiving them from our suppliers. You’re welcome to invoice us after each delivery, weekly, or monthly--whatever works for you. All payments are made electronically.


The first step to selling on Farm2Me is to fill out this short application form. If you’re approved, we’ll reach back out to you with additional information about how to sell your farmed, baked, butchered, or hand-made goods. We’re excited to see what you have to offer!


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Note: Filling out our Application Form does not guarantee inclusion in the Farm2Me Marketplace.