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Abound is an always-on wholesale marketplace where verified independent retailers discover and stock incredible products made by the very best small brands.

Abound vs Farm2Me

Fake "Small Batch" vs Real Small Batch ... learn how: 



Explore Wholesale Brands on Abound.  Discover your next small batch product for your store.

Abound Indie retail experts hand pick proven brands to sell wholesale on your e-commerce store, your Shopify, or in your retail store.

A curated wholesale marketplace empowering indie brands to sell what they love and local retailers to find one-of-a-kind products for their store. Sending out welcome gifts when we first launched the marketplace!


$$ Shipping Fees

$$ Not Wholesale Pricing

No standard for Small Batch, will sell chemicals like Soy Lecithin, Preservatives, Corn Syrup, etc.




10 years of helping small batch brands grow against the big store industry.  We've helped 18,000+ brands grow since 2010.  We have a high standard to never sell any fake small batch or green washed products.  Only family owned businesses here!

We get you below Wholesale pricing (the same price Whole Foods pays or Krogers pays for a "small batch" brand's products) and we negotiate Free Shipping too (Yes, really!).  How do we do this? We have a great reputation with small brands and have been advertising their products for free since 2010 to our network of now 1M+ writers, influencers, customers, and wholesale buyers. Help us grow!  Buy from small batch makers - by the mission driven cause that is important to you.

Always local products, specific by City and State.

Everything is hand picked, and no one can just get onto the Farm2Me platform because they "say they are small batch".  That means no fake stuff here!  Ever!  The only way to get on Farm2Me is if you are approved by our board of Advisors, folks like Dani Nierenberg of Food Tank, or our Co-Founders.  We don't play favorites - only  hand made products here!  

Have you ever questioned the others?  Or asked why you can find some brands at the Super Market?  That's because they sold to Pepsi or General Mills and are not nothing more than just a paper box filled with crap.

High Standards for Ingredients (no Gums, no Preservatives, no Soy Lecithin, and no other 250+ banned ingredients *see our Banned Ingredient List).

No investors here, so we are not answering to anyone's demands other than the consumers and wholesale buyers (that's you!)




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