Collection: Yatab Mandazi

Made in McKinney, Texas

I want you to take a journey with me as I honor my grandmom my mom and all the beautiful strong African women who make a few dollars a day selling mandazi to feed children and pay school fees.  Mandazi is a mouthwatering old favorite African Beignet made with only the finest ingredients each with a unique touch creating a love story of its own.

I want you to experience my beautiful delicious mandazi. My recipe comes from my grandmom. When she died, it was then I realized what a treasure she left us; a treasure that would take three years of an experiment to unlock.  Finally, with the help and support of my husband and five wonderful boys, I was able to stay at home and have the time to experiment and recover her wonderful recipe, through trial and error.  We now want to share the love with others!

This is our invitation to you to come, socialize, celebrate and take this opportunity to strengthen old friendships, build new ones, and experience the love at Mandazi, We are making an old favorite great again!  Mandazi is our family love story...we want to hear yours, your fond memories of friends and family – past and present.  


Founded by Elisabeth Varondi in 2020

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