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Made in Brooklyn, NY

Wander Foods Wander Magic Sauce & Wander Magic Umami Sprinkles is a women-run and mission-driven food brand handcrafting flavorful and functional condiments for everyday use. They source only organic ingredients directly from small independent farms or cooperatives all over the world blending with adaptogenic mushrooms to create their magic pantry staples.

Over the first few weeks of the pandemic quarantine in New York, Ada began missing her favorite restaurant foods. The staples were chili oil and flavorful spices. She ordered everything that existed on the market and even looked for recipes to create my own, but nothing tasted right. 

After being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), one of the most common hormone disorders in women, Ada became extremely health conscious. She was determined to figure out how to manage PCOS through her diet and has been hyper aware of everything she puts in her body ever since. Using passion and love for food to source the highest quality ingredients, Ada concocted Wander Foods Wander Magic Sauce & Wander Magic Umami Sprinkles. After many, many rounds of testing,  Wander Foods finally had kitchen staples that made her mind, body, and soul, strong, healthy, and happy!


Founded by Ada Yarungsee in 2020

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