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Made in California

Twrl M!lk Tea is a better-for-you milk tea (aka tea latte) that’s ready to enjoy anywhere you are. Using ethically-sourced organic teas, plant-based milk and low-glycemic sugars, our obsession is creating your favorite milk tea without the guilt!


Pauline Ang is the Founder and CEO of Twrl M!lk Tea. She was first introduced to milk tea in college when a friend of hers drove them from Berkeley to San Francisco on a typical chilly foggy San Francisco summer night and introduced her to her first cup (of many) milk tea at a popular boba milk tea cafe. Ever since that first taste, Pauline was hooked, but also made the realization that not all milk teas are created equal. Many were too sweet, did not have enough tea flavor, and some were even made from powder! After trying hundreds of various milk tea drinks at cafes all over California, New York, Hawaii, and Asia, she came to the same realization: There needs to be a better-for-you milk tea with a consistent taste in a portable format so I can enjoy this delicious beverage whenever I want, without feeling guilty!


After college, Pauline worked at various design and branding agencies, and as a design director, she thought she landed her dream project: a bottled milk tea. Unfortunately, this particular brand of milk tea was very disappointing as the flavor was artificial, too sweet, dairy-based, loaded with preservatives and with no organic ingredients. After years of branding and package design experience, Pauline decided it was time to take this recurring problem into her own hands, to create a consistent good-tasting m!lk tea, using the best and cleanest ingredients possible, without having to compromise on flavor or having to add any flavor enhancements. Hence, Twrl M!lk Tea was born.


Founded by Pauline Ang in 2020

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