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Made in Austin, TX

Stroopwafels were invented almost 300 years ago in Gouda (smart folks over there, they also did the cheese and the candles) using leftover dough scraps to avoid food waste.  In this spirit we continue the journey with omni-degradable wrappers, a plastic free household and by using post-consumer recycled or reused packaging & shipping materials.  We’re also proud Ambassadors for The Rainforest Partnership. Part of our revenues are donated to this amazing organization!

  • We use omni-degradable packaging for our 2-packs
  • We package 2 stroopwafels per package (instead of singles), so you can share one and prevent an extra piece of waste
    (Yes, it's biodegradable, but it still has to be manufactured!)
  • We use 100% post-consumer recycled cartons, no trees harmed in the process
  • We use certified sustainably sourced palm oil
  • We use Fair Trade cacao powder
  • We only use non-GMO ingredients
  • We bake on this side of the ocean, to reduce shipping and carbon footprint
  • We adopted a meatless and fish less, plastic free, almost vegan household personally

Founded by Chantal Piet and Tako Vermeulen in 2015

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