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Made in Winters, CA

One day while in a friend’s kitchen, Gabriella decided to make a healthy dessert-like snack because she had not been able to find anything appetizing at the local grocery store that offered her the low sugar, clean, plant based ingredients she preferred. After much trial and error, she was able to develop a few bite sized crunchy snacks that contained exactly the types of fruits, nuts, super-foods and gourmet chocolate that she had been looking for! Once she tried her own creation, she instantly knew that other people would love them as well, so she took some samples and shared them with friends at her local yoga studio. Of course they naturally loved them, so much so that a few people (including the studio owners) approached her to purchase some! What began as that simple idea in her friend’s kitchen has now evolved into an innovative lifestyle brand that supports people who want to consume convenient, healthy foods and who deserve transparency about what they are putting in their body. Sol Alchemy Snacks is changing the way we look at “fast food” and continues to create a line of easy-to-eat, delicious, plant based snacks.

Founded by Gabriella in 2020

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