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Sidepiece Condiment Company is making the case for condiments to be not only necessary, but the main affair. Sidepiece founder Andy de Lore had been making his family-recipe Granny Smith apple and chilli relish for a number of years, exploring different variations of fruits and chillies along the way, often gifting it to friends and family to glowing reviews. When the grip of the pandemic took hold in 2020, Andy began lacto-fermenting chillies and other produce and wound up making a fermented-pineapple hot sauce that was an instant crowd favourite. When Andy’s close mate, Silas Telford, an Indigenous land management and bush regenerator, suggested Andy use native bush foods in his products, the magic really started to happen. From there, a whole lot of experimenting with native ingredients led Andy to create a line of condiments that are not only flavoursome and unique, but gluten free and vegan too.

Now, let’s talk flavours. Sidepiece’s range is made using a smorgasbord of native ingredients and given added zest with some pretty packaging and flavours named after iconic songs. Stimulate your senses with Juicy (a fermented pineapple, finger-lime and habanero sauce) and the Juicy Fermented Spice Mix, which is made from the leftover pulp of the aforementioned sauce – dehydrated and blended to make a red-hot spice. Other must-have creations include The Recipe (a granny-smith apples and habanero relish) and the Hurt So Good (fermented using the infamous Carolina Reapers chilli, native riberry, maple syrup and Wood & Co. Sacarias Chavez Espresso Coffee).

Made in Brisbane, Australia

Founded by Andy de Lore in 2020

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