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Made in Seattle, WA


Seattle Elderberry was founded by mom of 3, Holly Cooper. Our founder was looking for simple ways to keep her family healthy when she stumbled across elderberry syrup. Holly has her bachelors of science in Biology, and was pleased to see numerous studies of elderberry's effectiveness in supporting the immune system! All Seattle Elderberry products are made with exceptional organic ingredients and the recipes have been rigorously kid-tested and mom-approved. Seattle Elderberry has exceptional potency, looks good on your shelves, and has a loyal brand following. Add some FREAKING DELICIOUS immune support to your shelves with Seattle Elderberry's line of immune supporting products. PRO TIP: We take our daily dose of elderberry syrup just like a shot- but it's also great mixed into seltzer, blended into a smoothie our stirred into yogurt!


Founded by Holly Cooper in 2017

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