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Made in Maine

Seagreen was founded after Willis discovered kelp while sailing the coast of Maine, ran out of food during a storm, and had to adapt. Kelp became his savior. Eating and drinking in alignment with nature just feels SO good. Combined with adaptogens, cacao, and spices for anti-inflammation, Seagreen was born. 

Seagreen plants ten kelp seedlings for every unit sold. Their mission is to increase carbon capture as they grow as a business.  Customers are active environmentalists by choosing to use their product and make a quantifiable positive impact on our planet. 

Kelp is a special species of seaweed, scientifically known as macroalgae. The large, brown, nutrient-dense and antioxidant-packed seaweed we harvest grows and sways in the cool, tidal shallows of Northeast Atlantic coastlines. These dense underwater forests, a unique, regenerative, zero input crop, create habitat and local ecosystem for various ocean dwellers, both finned and footed. Further, kelp has a unique ability to sequester substantial amounts of atmospheric carbon, up to 20X that of its land-based forest relatives, and reduce ocean acidification, establishing itself as a critical link in the chain of our planet's sustained health.

Established in 2021 by Willis Brown

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