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Onda exists to heal people, empower farmers and support the regeneration of the Earth. They produce the highest quality and most nutrient dense plant medicine products from certified USDA Organic, Savory Regenerative and Demeter Biodynamic® food and herb farms. Onda’s hemp and herb products act as mechanisms for financials and biodiversity for progressive food producers while allowing us to offer the best hemp and herb products on the planet. 

Onda has launched the World's First Certified Biodynamic® Hemp oil as well as the World's First Verified Regenerative product through the Savory Institute. They focus on a slow infusion process that retains more naturally occurring plant nutrients than other, more conventional and pharmaceutical extraction methods. The combination of their elevated farming practices and artisanal infusion method creates healing plant-medicines that are great for the consumers, the farmers and the planet.


Founded by Stephen Smith in 2016

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