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Neo Bites are on a mission to save the two things humans can’t live without: Pets and Planet Earth. The pet food industry is full of mixed messages and is poorly regulated with low quality standards. Also, if America’s dogs and cats were their own country, their meat consumption would rank 5th in the world. Given the environmental impact of traditional meat agricultural practices, we were surprised to see that no pet food company had taken our planet’s health into consideration. We set out to solve both problems by creating products that are not just healthy, but are also resource-efficient and easy on the planet.


A nutritional powerhouse: Cricket contains all 10 essential amino acids, as many omega-3s and more vitamin B12 than salmon, more iron than spinach, more calcium than a glass of milk, as well as chitin, a gut-friendly prebiotic.


Made in Austin, TX

Founded by Wesley Cooper and Winslow Marshall in 2019

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