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Matriark Foods works with farmers and aggregators to make use of the 40% of vegetables that would otherwise go to waste in the fields. And they work with food service providers to utilize the hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh-cut remnants from their food preparations. Vegetables are lightly enhanced with spices and fresh herbs, cooked, and pureed into healthy, low-sodium multi-use bases for vegetable-forward meals.

To make a large-impact on the environment and on peoples’ health, they have to upcycle large volumes of otherwise wasted produce. What began as a seemingly simple question: ‘how can there be so much food going to waste when there are so many who are hungry?’ has become a business that tackles the intricacies of food surplus aggregation and processing. Matriark Foods transforms surplus into healthy foodservice products to advance the health of our communities and our environment. As a social enterprise, Matriark Foods reinvests a majority of our profits to achieve sustainability, grow our reach and ensure the fulfillment of our mission.


Based in Nyack, NY

Founded by Anna Hammond in 2018



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