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 Made in Austin, TX

 It’s as simple as that with Dry Bombs—enjoy 7-9g of collagen protein per serving and all 9 essential amino acids including 100mg of L-Tryptophan (not found in collagen) that is added specifically to make this collagen creamer a complete protein product. Packed with collagen protein and healthy fats from organic coconut, supporting your health has never been so easy or tasted so great!

Co-Founders Sarah & Nicole, one a Registered Dietitian & the other a Drugless Practitioner, know that many common ailments that people suffer from today can be minimized or eliminated through proper nutrition. By intentionally crafting products with health and convenience in mind that provide a multitude of benefits, they’ve focused on making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Founded by Nicole Pinedo and Sarah Rioux in 2016

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