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Made in Portland, Oregon

 Hot Winter Hot Sauce grow organic peppers and bottle absurdly fresh fermented hot sauce.  Hor Winter Hot Sauce feature their own grown unique cultivar, the Hot Winter Pepper, as well as several heirloom varieties, including several borrowed from Slow Food's Ark of Taste.  In addition to growing their own peppers, Hot Winter contract with other growers in the Willamette Valley so that they can have access to the freshest possible chiles, while offering fair contracts to small scale, sustainable farms.

          Shaun's goal for Hot Winter is to establish a product that is delicious enough to encourage consumers to help support the local farmers who make these flavors possible.  By using rare and unique cultivars of chile, he hopes to make "organic foods" less abstract for people.  This is not just a substitution for a familiar thing, but grown in a different way-- these are wholly different peppers, that can only exist by working within a different kind of agriculture.  Hot Winter Hot Sauce is committed to paying fair prices to these growers, to help foster the type of farming that preserves their culinary heritage.

Founded by Shaun Winter in 2009

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