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Made in Brooklyn, NY

Eltee's Goods' mission is to build community with food.  Highlighting their favorite seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers and produced by local chefs, their products allow you to savor the seasons’ bounty year-round. Eltee’s Goods' first offering, Tommy Jam, is a perfect example, utilizing tomatoes from Farms in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and produced by me- Brooklyn chef, Lindsey Thalheimer- founder of Eltee’s Goods.


They use the delicious tomatoes grown by the wonderful farmers at Windflower Farm in Valley Falls, NY.  Eltee's Goods hopes to spread the TJ gospel and get a jar of Tommy Jam in every food lover's kitchen - right next to their ketchup, or their worcestershire, or their raspberry jam, or simply, on its own shelf. Tommy Jam is the addition you never knew your kitchen needed, but once you try it, you will never go without it. 

In the near future, Lindsey hopes to expand Eltee’s Goods. By applying what she's learned working in kitchens and on her farming journey, and continued collaboration with the amazing folx in her community, she will create additional exciting products for your kitchen. Products you will be proud to own as they are made not only with the best ingredients available but also with love and integrity. 

Founded by Lindsey Thalheimer in 2018

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