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Made in Chantilly, VA

Bon AppéSweet Chocolates are sweetened using only dates which are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. In the beginning, fruits were the world's only sweeteners.  Bon AppéSweet was founded in the broken heart of a military deployed mother.

Thereasa left her daughter for 13 months, just before her second birthday, and it devastated her. She spent her deployment thinking of a way that she would never have to leave her again. It was from her love for her daughter, that this company was born.

Her daughter fell in love with dessert while Thereasa was deployed. She went from no processed sugar to aunt's and uncle's sneaking her treats regularly. Since she loved dessert so much, her mother decided that instead of taking away the foods that she had grown to love, she would simply make them healthier. So she created desserts that were sweetened using fruit-based sweeteners, zero processed sugars, and zero sugar alcohols, and eventually, her date-sweetened chocolate bars were born. And looking out for the planet that her daughter will soon inherit, Thereasa made all of my chocolate 100% plant-based and dairy-free.

Founded by Thereasa Black in 2019

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