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Blue Toad Botanicals' functional food journey - from Lyme disease to functional mushrooms:

Our story starts over 31 years ago when I took a ten day Castle & Chateau tour of central & southern France where I was drinking a good amount of wine in the Loire Valley, and exploring 500 years old castles. It was then that I unfortunately contracted Lyme disease.

The trip was amazing, the aftermath was a five year nightmare. At the time, there was very little known about Lyme disease, and even less about the virulent European strain I had contracted. During this time, I saw every leading Lyme doctor in the US, took every antibiotic prescribed, and five years in, I had lost my memory, speech, physical coordination, was fatigued, had spinal meningitis, migraines, depression, seizures, and much more.

Like many Americans today, I (we) became very disillusioned with western medicine. The “we” is my now wife and business partner Pamela Peters. We met one week after that trip and took that five year journey together. As sick as I was, I think that I had the easy part of the illness – Pam had to deal with me. While in California seeing a renowned Lyme doctor and hearing the same old story, we decided to take my health into our own hands. We researched, studied, read white papers, and looked at what other countries were doing – we then built our own radical protocol. Three months later, I was cured.

My path to recovery with alternative medicine and a lifestyle change showed us the power that natural-foods, visualization, exercise, and overall diet have on our personal health & wellness outcomes. For me personally, education and visualization was the key to success. Once I knew what I was literally fighting (the Lyme spirochete/ bacterium), and how it operated within my body, I literally went to war.

Pam and I got married and once the opportunity to start a new business presented itself in Idaho, the choice was easy to do what we were passionate about – functional foods. Beer and motorcycles were on the list as well, but functional chocolate just seemed right. We partnered with a world renowned Naturopathic Doctor (Dr. Michael Murray) and hired an amazing culinary chef and were off to the races. We quickly won the industry’s most prestigious functional-food award (NUTRACON) for our Probiotic Chocolate with DHA, and over the next 8+ years, we innovated for some of the largest brands in the food industry (Dr. Mercola, ONNIT, Kroger, Garden of Life, Walmart, Labrada Nutrition, Sun Warrior, Life Extension, USANA, Stanley Brothers Cannabis, etc.).

It was during this time that I learned the true power of Ayurvedic Medicine, botanicals, mushrooms, & hemp – soon thereafter, BlueToad was born. We focused on creating a Clean, Simple & Fun brand that would prove to be consumer friendly and simply taste amazing!

The Blue Toad Botanicals brand is our journey and mission brought to Real Life. An innovative and accessible way for consumers to care about their health and wellness with delicious products as well as a brand and culture that they can feel good about.

If you also choose to Trust The Toad on your health journey, thank you from the bottom of my heart – we are all in this together!


Founded by Pam and Paul Frantellizzi in 2021

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