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Black Tea Hive is a Black-Owned Tea Company created and operated by a mother-daughter duo. Black Tea Hive specialize in sustainably sourced fun, flavorful, and whimsical black tea blends. The brand was established on Black Tea Hive love for tea. We bond often over tea. We are currently blending small-batch flavor profiles. Each one of black tea hive's authentic blends can be used as infusers to fancy up simple beverages. Black Tea Hive blends are packaged with a lot of bold flavors and immense love! On Black Tea Hive's social media pages, Black Tea Hive often provide recipes on DIY: homemade craft soda, mocktails, cocktails, ice cream floats, and warm lattes. 

Made in Olmsted Falls, OH

Founded by Tira and her daughter in 2020

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