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A few years ago, two of Marci’s good friends went to Costa Rica for a conference around fermentation and the benefits. One of my friend’s son has Autism and it is common for people who have Autism to also have imbalances in the gut. The other friend brought back Water Kefir grains and started home brewing here in Austin. She needed a break from the constant care and asked Marci if she wanted to take over caring for the grains for a while. After a lot of support from family and friends, Marci decided to commercially manufacture Water Kefir beverages and grains.

Marci herself suffers from IBS and Anxiety. These are linked. She was trying OTC medications, stress management, and other remedies to try to manage her symptoms with little to no success. The introduction of probiotics found in Water Kefir was the solution. Marci has had many success stories related to her product. For example, one of her customer’s children who is 7 years old and has suffered from constipation for 5 years, had her symptoms go away once Water Kefir grains were introduced. Similarly, an adult customer who has had chronic and hereditary gut issues has also been able to reverse the problems with Water Kefir grains. A large percentage of the population suffers from gut issues such as IBS and constipation. Our diet just doesn’t get enough probiotics and fermented items with our food supply being largely processed in today’s world.

Austin Kefir Microbrewery produces Water Kefir in the form of non-alcoholic champagne. She also provides the grains as well. Simply eating the grains will provide the same benefits. When Marci talks to families that are dealing with gut issues, she will give them the grains. The grain is simply bacteria and yeast and are renewable. They will not die when properly taken care of. The grains will multiply by 4 to 400%.

Austin Kefir Microbrewing offers Mircalo, their non-alcoholic sparkling beverage in three flavors: Dry, Rosé, and CBD infused. All three are packed with probiotics, B1, B6, & B9, they are all less than 100 calories per bottle, and they’re naturally carbonated through fermentation, so they will maintain their fizz to the last glass.
Founded by Marci Meyers in 2017

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