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Your diet has a really big impact on the environment. Farming contributes to 30% of emissions and 50% of CO2 from waste, and pesticides and fertilizer (fake chemical "soil") causes damage to the ecosystem and life. We want to know what the worst foods for the environment - based on the most popular foods we eat.

Let's see which of our favorite and most popular foods have the worst impacts on the environment. 

The 10 Worst Foods for Our Planet | Unsustainable Foods

1. Sugar: The Worst crop For The Environment?


2. Chocolate

3. Coffee

4. Industrial Meat: The Worst Carbon Footprint

5. Palm Oil

6. Soybeans

7. Mineral Water (And Its Bottles)

8. Most Popular Fish, Especially Salmon

Check out Seafood Watch to learn more about Sustainable Fish, and Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch work.

9. Rice and Other Popular Cereals

10. Some Fruits And Vegetables Aren’t Always Green

Banana, Mangoes, Almonds, Peaches, Dates, Tomatoes, Cabbage, and Lettuces - consume a lot of water.  

Switch to Apples, Pears, Oranges, Lentils and Root Vegetables (when in season) because they require far fewer input

Are There Solutions? What Can We Do?

The solution may therefore lie in a transformation of our agricultural model, and the transition from agro-industrial agriculture to agro-ecological agriculture, made up of small, diversified farms - with diversified, fruit & vegetable based sugar alternatives to sugar cane or palm sugar.

Check out some small batch food brands below, decentralized from small farms.

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