Hello Fresh vs. Thrive Market

Hello Fresh vs. Thrive Market are different ways to order food online. With people visiting the grocery store less often, more delivery services are becoming available each day.

Thrive Market and Hello Fresh are two options. Both offer ways for you to have food delivered to your home. Thrive Market is an online version of Whole Foods, non-GMO store, while Hello Fresh is a meal kit subscription service. You would want to consider the benefits of each before making a selection.

It can be difficult to determine which is going to offer you the most benefits. You will want to keep reading to learn more. We compare these two options below.


How Does Hello Fresh Compare to Thrive Market?

Healthy eating can be difficult at first. You will need a reliable source for creating meals. So, how do Thrive Market and Hello Fresh compare?

The two are different types of stores. Thrive Market is an online grocery store that makes it easier to order high quality products. All of their options are organic and they have great products for special diets. Their food is a lot cheaper than many retail options.

Their prices make them the perfect choice for cooking your family a meal at home. Plus, if you find recipes you love, you can set up an auto-shipment. This allows you to receive discounts on items your order often, usually around 10% off. The shop also has plenty of choices to lower food waste.

Hellofresh is more like a food subscription box than a grocery store. The company will send you fresh ingredients and instructions to cook tasty recipes at home. The pricing for Hello Fresh is a bit different; the company is not designed to save you money.

They are offering ways to make cooking easier. Their Classic plan starts at $9.99 per serving, while their Family plan starts at $8.74 per serving. Many feel that they are a bit expensive, but Hello Fresh still has its own benefits.

For instance, if you wanted to learn to cook or do not have time to plan your meals, it would help you. Still, you are more likely to spend money than save money while shopping with this brand.

Customer Service

First, let’s compare the two brands’ customer service. Thrive Market is known for having high quality customer service. If you are a member, then you should not worry about contacting them.

Thrive Market always goes out of their way to fix customers orders and answer their questions. You can have access to a customer service representative whenever you need to talk with the brand. Overall, you are going to find wonderful service with this company.

Hello Fresh also has positive reviews online. A majority of them talk about how delicious the meals are. Some feel that their portion sizes are too small and there were some complaints about missing meals.

However, their customer service team is also very responsive and dedicated to assisting their customers with any issues that might arise.

Product Selection

Thrive Market has a ton of different products to offer, especially for specific diets. You can filter the food and products into keto, vegan, and plenty of other special diets. There are many options here, allowing you to create a variety of meals.

They sell whole foods and plenty of snacks too. Many of their members use their Thrive Market membership to replace trips to the grocery stores. You can feel confident that they will have what you need.

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Hello Fresh is a bit different. Instead of buying separate whole foods, you get pre-proportioned items that you use in a recipe. Their menu changes every week. That way, you will always have new meals to try out.

However, this does not make them the best option for grocery shopping. You can replace some of your meals with Hello Fresh easily, but you will not be able to rely on them 100% of the time. Especially if you want to save money while eating healthy.

Cost Comparisons

With Hello Fresh, you are probably going to pay $9.99 per serving. However, with Thrive, you are getting enough food to make several servings. They will be a lot lower than $9.99 per serving, if you were to divide up the cost for each meal.

Although, with a Thrive Market membership, you are guaranteed to get savings. The company offers a special guarantee; they will refund your money if you do not make enough savings to cover the membership.

If you are buying whole foods, paleo, gluten free items, or foods for other special diets, you will be sure to cover the membership cost easily. However, for those who will use the site less often, this can give you peace of mind. You will not be wasting money with the membership.

Additionally, Thrive Market makes sure to offer you products at much lower than their retail prices. You can find items up t0 50% off on their site. Plus, shipping is free when you order a certain amount. If you are interested, be sure to try a trial membership. This will help you determine whether or not you can fit Thrive Market into your budget.

Hello Fresh is similar to paying restaurant prices, than to paying Whole Foods prices. It is a fun experience for many to learn to cook, but is not going to assist with your grocery budget. Still, their food is high quality and you can select several different options when designing your menu.

Thrive Market also offers some meal kits. Although, unlike Hello Fresh, meals are not their focus. You can order their pantry staples and more for your first purchase. This would set you up for planning plenty of homemade meals.

How Much Is Thrive Market per Month?

Thrive Market is an efficient option for providing food to your family. They do have a membership fee, but it works out to about $5 per month. That amount is quite low and the membership will last you for a complete year. You will be sure to make that amount back in that time.

Thrive Market also wants to make health foods accessible to every one. When you purchase your membership, they will share a free membership with a low income family. This way, more people can access a cost efficient grocery delivery.

Since they bring food right to your door, they are the perfect opportunity to test a new diet. They have plenty of options for vegan, keto, paleo, and gluten free diets. No matter what, Thrive has plenty of delivery options for getting your health food orders home. They have free shipping options and more, plus the overall Thrive Market cost is much lower than many retailers.

Wrap Up: Thrive Market or Hello Fresh?

Thrive Market and Hello Fresh are both amazing options for having food brought to your door. With more people going out less, this is an important option to have. If you are considering between these two stores, you will need to think about what you want.

Thrive Market has plenty of special foods for any diet. They offer gluten free and plenty of other specialty items. Overall, we would have to say that Thrive is going to fulfill more of your needs.

The company is designed to offer more affordable foods. According to Thrive Market’s policies, they will also give a membership to low income families or a veteran when you sign up.

If you are interested, you may want to consider their 30 day trial. During those 30 days, you will have free access to items that are 50% off retail prices. Thrive has plenty of deals for you to check out.

Hello Fresh sells kits, instead of individual groceries. You would consider this option if you want a subscription box that you can put together for dinner. Keep in mind that they are a lot pricier than Thrive Market.

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