Step 1: Guide To Shopify Store Connector - Shopify

1. Login to Shopify

ii. In "Apps" Section

iii. On the Top-Right you'll see a link / button, choose "Develop Apps"

iv. Top-right click the green button named "Create an App"

v. Add a "App Name" for the App (example: Farm2Me)

vi. Skip "Add Developer" 

vii. Continue by clicking “Create App”.

vii. Now that you've created the custom app "Farm2Me", you can configure the app so it syncs with the Farm2Me API keys and secret password keys.

viii. Click the button that says  “Configure Admin API Scopes”.

ix.  Choose the permissions you want to allow Farm2Me (example: sending orders from Farm2Me, fulfilling orders from Farm2Me, etc)  Here is a complete list of the required permissions for "Farm2Me" custom app, so you can sync your products, sync inventory, and manage orders inside of your own Shopify.  Make sure you select all of them with a blue check mark:


Here are the required permissions for the custom Farm2Me app:

A. Assigned fulfillment orders (Read and write)
# read_orders, write_orders

B. Fulfillment services (Read and write)
# read_fulfillments, write_fulfillments

C. Inventory (Read and write)
# read_inventory, write_inventory

D. Locations (Read Access)
# read_locations

E. Order Editing (Read and write)
# read_orders, write_orders
Allow this permission if you want to sync your Farm2Me order details with your Shopify store, to manage in one place (your Shopify).

F. Orders (Read and write)
# read_orders, write_orders

G. Products (Read and write)
# read_products, write_products


x. After providing the required permissions, click "Save".

xi. Once Saved, click the "Install App" button (to sync the Farm2me custom App and your Shopify store)

xii. After installing the app, Shopify will give you the access token, API key, and secret key:

- Access Token

- API Key

- Secret Key

xiii.  You'll need these 3 passcodes, so keep the screen open.

xiv.  Open your Farm2Me Seller portal (if you're not logged in: so you can paste these codes into your Farm2Me Store



xv. Once logged into Farm2Me's Seller Panel, open your menu drop downs >> Configuration >> Seller Sync App Configuration and enter the following passcodes :

- Store URL (Shopify Store URL:

- Access Token

- API Key

- Secret Key

xvi. Turn on "Auto-Sync New Products" (Green)

xvii.  Turn off "Use third party apps for shipping" (Red)

xvii. "Save" your settings

xviii. After saving the details, you can now start importing your products by clicking the "Import Products" button.

Import Products from Your Shopify Store

After clicking on the "Import Products" button, you can choose to import products by Date Range, SKU, or Product ID, and your products will automatically sync from your Shopify to your Farm2Me store.

Choose one of three method options:

(We prefer: by Date Range)

Method 1: Choose a Date Range


Method 2: Choose products by Product ID (comma separated)


Method 3: Choose products by product handle.


Products imported from Shopify will show up in Farm2Me Seller Panel >> Products >> “Product Listing” section of your Farm2Me Seller Panel.

Thats it! Our Farm2Me team will take it from here to update your products SEO, Tags, Collections, and Menu Nav.  

If you have any questions, please email your Account Manager at and we'll match you up with your team member.  Please let us know once you've integrated your Shopify marketplace with Farm2Me, so we can bump you up in the queue.



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