New feature update: Request your vendor ACH payment

When choosing how your payment should be delivered, you can now asl your Account Manager to send you a vendor request to enter your payment details. This way, even if you've updated your payment method or missing your payment information, we’ll send you an email so you can decide how you want to get paid, check or bank deposit, and update the relevant payment details in a discreet and secure manner.

This is how it works :

1. Farm2Me starts scheduling a payment for a new or existing order.

2. When we are asked how our vendor would like to receive this payment, our Farm2Me team member selects “Ask vendor for payment details”.

Ask for vendor payment details button

3. We add vendor’s email and click submit and continue.

Ask for vendor payment details submit and continue

4. Farm2Me continues scheduling your payment as usual. 

5. Farm2Me sends a secure form asking for your vendor payment details and how you want to get paid - Paper Check or Bank transfer (ACH).

6. Once the vendor fills out the details, Farm2Me automatically schedules the payment according to the date your Farm2Me Account Admin chose & updates you with the final estimated payment delivery date (1-3 business days).


What the vendor sees

The vendor will receive an email which includes the invoice number, payment amount and details.

Request Vendor Payment Details Email

Once the vendor clicks on the link in the email,  the vendor can choose how they want to get paid (via paper check or bank deposit) and the details of where to send or deposit the payment.

Request Vendor Payment Details Secure Online Form

Visit our help center to learn more about this feature and paying with Melio.




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