Create Your Storefront on Farm2Me

In Farm2Me the only requirement to create an account on our network is your brand's name and your products. This is how we identify brands in our network, and we won't allow duplicate brands on Farm2Me.  Any additional information regarding a product needs to be added by you, the Farm2Me seller.  Product  Fields, Custom Fields, and Tags are datasets that allow you to better understand, track, and manage the products on your storefront.


Create Your Storefront Account on Farm2Me

The first step to selling on Farm2Me is to create your Storefront. Once you’re set up, we’ll reach back out to you with additional information about how to upload your products - farmed, baked, butchered, or hand-made goods. We’re excited to see what you have to offer!

Creat A New Storefront

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Setup Instructions

1. Create An Account

2. Add Account Information

Once logged into your Farm2Me Account:

  • Find the menu option 'Profile' and choose the sub-option 'My Account' to complete your Storefront on Farm2Me.

Enter the following information:

  • Store Address
  • Seller Contact Telephone Number
  • Short Store Description
  • Detailed Store Description
  • Seller Policy
  • Store Banner Image (as thin as possible)
  • Seller Profile Image (either a logo or co-founder photo)
  • Seller Shop Logo (brand logo)

When you're finished and approved, we'll send you confirmation and instructions on how to upload your products.

We look forward to helping you grow!



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