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Tequila Jalapeños Deliciousness - 12 x 9oz

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Watch out.. here comes the little brother to all these sweet sauces.. our first pepper jam, RedCamper's Tequila Jalapeño Deliciousness. He's kind of a bad ass, but also really kinda sweet, with a slow burn. Using fresh jalapeños (and yes 100% jalapeños, no green peppers) fresh organic limes and oranges, Boulder CO based Suerte Tequila, 100% organic cane sugar and non-gmo pectin and a tiny bit of sea salt we have created the perfect pepper jam. Sweet with a long slow burn. You are about to develop another addiction.
We love Strawberry much that it took us a long time to come up with a recipe that we thought was better than what is already out there, and there are lots. After a lot of experimenting, we have perfected our take on Strawberry. Starting with strawberries we added some freshly crushed black pepper, some fresh from the garden basil, and some homemade lemon deeply infused limoncello from our Hotchkiss favorites, Peak Spirits / Jack Rabbit Hill Farms and their Organic CapRock Vodka. 

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INGREDIENTS Jalapeños, fresh lime juice & zest, Boulder, CO based Suerte Tequila, pure cane sugar, non GMO pectin, fresh orange juice & sea salt