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Farm2Me is coming!
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Get ready for  food that's as fresh, local, organic, and ethically sourced as it comes.  Farm2Me is working directly with the best small batch locally-sourced food makers in your areas to bring you peak-quality groceries and meal kits that you won't find anywhere else. 
Tell us where to come next and join our waitlist (get early access!) to get your neighborhood prioritized  when we start delivering in new cities this year.
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Fresh Organic grocery like you've never experienced!

 Local  Small Batch

Farm2Me is so much more tha a food delivery service.  Sure we source and deliver the freshest local produce and pantry staples with the highest ethical and quality standards.  We even have our own kitchen where we prep dishes and kids that save you time making buying decisions.

But we're rea;;y here because we velieve food is a powerful force for change - for our bodies, our communities, and our planet. That's why we're rethinking the whole system from the soil up.


More Local + Transparent.


 100% of products sourced directly from within 100 miles, compared to 0-10% at competitors, shipping nationally and unsustainably.

100% of products are sustainable, mission driven, organic, fair trade, upcycled, direct trade, alt plant focused, and supporting underserved woman owned, black owned, BIPOC, Immigrant, and Indigenous owned businesses.

Our Food Standards are the highest in the country, no shady ingredients or suspicious supply chains

100% Fresh made by the farmer or the maker - all of your orders are made on demand by the owners themselves.  No middle men, no added costs, no storing in warehouses or sitting on grocery shelves.


More Convenient.

18,000+ farms and brands carefully curated and vetted for freshness, transparent supply chain, and sustainability

100% Seasonal and local products

On-demand orders and delivery, flexible delivery, no subscription required


More Sustainable for the Planet.

All Farm2Me employees own a piece of the company and receive corporate betterment training, with perks and discounts.

We promote reusable packaging, biodegradable packaging, and paper-free invoicing, and the rest of the packaging is recyclable or compostable - with a focus of transitioning our brands packaging into the later.


 More Thanks To You!



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