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Small Batch is our core at Farm2Me, we support American made fresh groceries and products with locally grown, made, and delivered, seasonal ingredients prepared on the farm or by hand.  Order exactly what you want fresh from your local farmers and foodmakers, bakers, fisherman, ranchers, jam makers, cheesemongers, or butchers and we'll deliver it all today to your door or store.

For Makers: Whether you’re a maker who wants to start producing on a bigger scale, or an emerging designer trying to find a production partner within close proximity , making hand made small batch and low minimum order requirements, or a small business looking to work with lower units, small batch production is the most viable option. There are many manufacturers in the Farm2Me community willing to invest time, resources, and professional expertise to emerging brands.  Reach out or search below!

Our small batch food brands cater to boutiques, chain stores, chefs, event planners, brands and designers experienced and new;y interested in small batch, small quantity minimum order quantities and solutions for small  batch food brand demand.

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