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Vegan Caramel Stroopwafel 8-Packs - 12 x 8-pack

Stroop Club
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As delicious as Stroop Club's Traditional Stroopwafel is, this vegan stroopwafel is fully animal friendly. It incorporates all the best flavors, while sticking to the vegan style and we love it. Enjoy this on it's own, as a crumble with berries, or let the flavor sing out on top of a chai tea.

P.S. we make a trail mix with this waffle for all of our road trips and it is stellar. 


Stroopwafels were invented almost 300 years ago in Gouda (smart folks over there, they also did the cheese and the candles) using leftover dough scraps to avoid food waste.


In this spirit we continue the journey with omni-degradable wrappers, a plastic free household and by using post-consumer recycled or reused packaging & shipping materials.


We’re also proud Ambassadors for The Rainforest Partnership. Part of our revenues are donated to this amazing organization, read more about what they do!

Nutritional Information

ALLERGENS Wheat, Soy, Gluten
INGREDIENTS Unbleached wheat flour (enriched with niacin, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid), glucose syrup, ethically sourced palm fruit oil, cane sugar, soy flour, molasses, sea salt, oat fiber, Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract, cinnamon, soy lecithin, baking soda