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Mini Raw Honey Jars - 24 x 3oz

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It’s Two Hives Honey Mini Raw Honey, their most popular raw honey, just in a smaller, even cuter jar! It’s perfect as a gift or to place on your next charcuterie board.

Two Hives Honey is harvested and cut/jarred by hand and produced by bees located within 20 miles of downtown Austin, TX. Their honey will come labeled with the neighborhood where it was produced. Our neighborhoods are often changing, but generally include North Loop, South Austin, North Austin, Manor, and the East Side. We will provide honey from the neighborhood of your preference if we have it in stock. The 5.5 ounce honey jars are not labeled with any one Austin neighborhood, and are great for markets outside of Austin. Our mesquite honey is from our Manor apiaries, and all the nectar for this honey is gathered from Texas mesquite trees.

➔ Storage:

Store at room temperature. Keep away from extreme cold or heat.

➔ About our process:

We are a treatment-free beekeeping operation, meaning we do not use any chemical treatments or antibiotics in our hives. Because bees travel up to 3 miles each way in search of food, we cannot guarantee our bees do not come into contact with any pesticides. However, we are very selective in choosing the sites for our bees to ensure as best we can that our bees have access to clean, healthy nectar. The USDA does not have organic standards for honey in the United States, but we are one of the most ethical, all-natural, and organic commercial operations you will find. Once we have an established relationship we’d love to invite your staff out to our hives for a complimentary hive tour so they can learn all about how bees produce honey!

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