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Maui Lavender Ponzu Bottles - 6 x 5oz

Poi Dog
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Poi Dog's Maui Lavender Ponzu's Lavender blossoms from Maui are steeped with katsuobushi in Japanese yuzu juice, shoyu and rice vinegar, creating a floral version of yuzu ponzu. Dip fried dumplings, sushi and sashimi into Maui Lavender Ponzu instead of soy sauce. Use it to transform noodles into a full meal or add a few dashes to olive oil for a quick, tropical vinaigrette.

 Why Maui Lavender?

Kiki Aranita visited the Ali’i Kula lavender farm in Upcountry Maui years ago and has since been devoted to using only their deeply fragrant culinary lavender in her cooking. Maui Lavender lends potent herbal notes that balance the tartness of yuzu and sweetness of mirin. It is grown at the slopes of Haleakala. In Maui’s colder, dry climate, akin to that of the Mediterranean, nine varieties of lavender bloom year-round. The Ali’i Kula farm is devoted to sustainable practices and educational stewardship and shares with Poi Dog the notion that aloha, which means kindness, compassion and responsibility, is a business practice and philosophy.

Nutritional Information

ALLERGENS Wheat, soy, fish
INGREDIENTS Soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt), yuzu juice, lime juice, mirin (water, rice alcohol, salt, enzyme, koji), rice vinegar, sugar, ginger, katsuobushi (dried bonito - fish), dried lavender