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Hemp Arepas (5 inch) - 6 x 5 pack

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Palenque loves homestyle recipes made for people who like to take care of themselves but still have some tasty flavor and helps boost your inmune system. You won’t find these arepas any where else in the world,  so come and try why Palenque is from Colombia but it tastes like Brooklyn.

Gluten free. No preservatives. Good for vegan, meat, and veggies lovers. Kid friendly. Easy to cook.


INGREDIENTS: Brown Rice, Hemp

Pack weight: 7" 630 gr,  5" 320 gr     

Cooking instructions:

Step 1: Pre heat a pan  

Step 2: Slow a beat the flame and place the arepa in the pan  

Step 3: Hear the crunchy   

Step 4: Flip the arepa when its toasty from side A to side B (JUST LIKE A LP)  

Step 5: Hear the crunchy   

Step 6: Let the arepa toast as you like it   

Step 7: The arepa is ready for you to be creative and add a palenque topping or your own! Enjoy it!

The benefits of Hemp Arepa:

  1. Hemp seeds (hemp seed) are extremely beneficial for health, as they contain all the essential amino acids and fatty acids necessary for a body full of vitality.

  2. No other plant has such easily digestible protein or such a perfect ratio of essential oils.

  3. Hemp seeds strengthen the immune system and provide health and vitality.

Nutritional Information

INGREDIENTS Brown Rice, Hemp