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Chocolate Hazelnut Jars - 12 x 6oz

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Rawmio Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is a decadent handcrafted raw vegan treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth while nourishing your body. Made with just 3 clean, organic ingredients: raw hazelnuts, raw Peruvian cacao nibs, and low glycemic coconut sugar. No palm oil. No refined sugar. No dairy. It's a creamy, versatile chocolate hazelnut spread you can feel great about eating. 

Nutritional Information

ALLERGENS Produced in a raw, vegan and certified organic facility which processes tree nuts and seeds, but no aflatoxin peanuts, soy, gluten or dairy. May contain naturally occurring shells, and pit fragments.
INGREDIENTS Raw Hazelnuts, Raw Peruvian Cacao Nibs, Coconut Sugar