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Blueberry Basil Jam Jars - 24 x 10oz

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Laura Ann's Jams' Blueberry Basil Jam is summer in a jar.  What does a record store have to do with jam? Origami Vinyl was across the street from Laura Ann's house and was one of her favorite spots in Echo Park. As a matter of fact, when they had bands play live, Laura Ann can hear it so clearly that she consider it to be the soundtrack to many of the jams they  make at Laura Ann's Jams. One day when Laura Ann was in the store talking to Sean, he suggested that she try to make a jam with blueberry and basil. She took the challenge and told him if it worked, Laura Ann's Jam would name it after the store.  In case you didn't already guess, it worked: fresh blueberry, bursting with sweetness and complimented by the aromatic basil brightness.

Nutritional Information

ALLERGENS Blueberries
INGREDIENTS Wild Blueberries, Organic Sugar, Pectin, Lemon Juice, and Natural Basil Flavoring