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Made in Shelburne, VT

Vermont Tortilla Company. Every batch begins a blend of locally sourced, certified organic corn, pure water, and food-grade lime, also known as cal. This mixture is cooked patiently over a steady flame, then carefully washed, hulled, and cooled. Nixtamalization unlocks the bioavailability of corn’s essential nutrients and also releases each kernel’s rich, nutty aroma and buttery sweet flavor. Once nixtamalized, their organic corn is ground using natural volcanic stones to make masa, the soft golden dough from which our flavor-packed, uniquely pliable tortillas are born. 

The mission at Vermont Tortilla Company is to use locally sourced organic corn, so they can support local farmers and sustainable agriculture.

Vermont Tortilla Company is excited to be working with and using 100% NOFA certified organic corn grown by Adirondack Organic Grains. These growers are located in the Champlain Valley in Essex, New York.

Every batch of Vermont Tortilla Company tortilla is bursting with authentic taste, alluring texture, and clean, organic ingredients. But the secret to their recipe is rooted in their hardworking team and rich local ecosystem. They are dedicated to supporting our community by sourcing certified organic, sun-ripened corn from local farms; and by making mindful, environmentally responsible choices in their supply chain and production practices.


Founded by April & Azur Moulaert in 2016

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