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It was the 150th anniversary of Risorgimento - the Italian unification - and husband and wife, Daniel and Ashley, were in Rome. It was raining, the rhythms of "Same As It Ever Was" by the Talking Heads were rising up from the Roman Forum, and the espresso was divine.
Shortly after returning, we loaded everything into a box truck and drove it north to our new home in Vermont where we were to begin our lives together, but by summer's end the floodwaters of Hurricane Irene had washed it all away - along with every road into and out of town.
With nowhere to go and just the clothes on our backs, the community provided us with bedding and shelter in a vacant old house beside the general store. The nights grew colder and ever more sleepless, and we soon found ourselves sneaking away to the village inn, where there was an instant espresso machine for the guests. Quietly loading in the coffee pods, we coaxed our spirits back to Rome, but something wasn't quite right.
"Why was the espresso so much better in Rome?" I wondered aloud.
"It's in the water" she said.
And so TapDrops was born, the espresso was divine, and our spirits rejoiced in Rome once again.


Founded by Daniel Starr-Tambor in 2019

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