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Quince & Apple’s Matt and Clare, the husband and wife duo behind Quince & Apple, along with Quince & Apple's small, passionate team, handcraft their artisan Quince & Apple preserves, syrups, and nuts right in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin. Quince & Apple makes products that are subtle, well-balanced, and not too sweet, so they are perfect for pairing.

Quince & Apple team love their preserves with cheese most of all, but they’re great with pastries, on sandwiches, drizzled over ice cream, and mixed into yogurt. Quince & Apple syrups easily make wonderful sodas, punches or cocktails, and have many culinary uses as well.

Every small batch of Quince & Apple is produced with hands-on care and great attention to detail so that each jar is up to Quince & Apple's exacting standards. This artisan-centered approach allows Quince & Apple to always use the highest quality fresh produce, adjusting for the differences in season and variety. And Quince & Apple only make flavors they truly love. Quince & Apple hopes you love them too!

Quince & Apple preserves the best of Midwestern summers.  In the early days of Quince & Apple, buying fruit could look almost illicit.... meeting farmers on the side of the road.

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Made in Madison, WI

Founded by Matt and Clare in 2009

16 products