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Made in Austin, TX

Pura Coco Coconut Water and Coconut Water Cold Brew coconuts are farmed sustainably in rich volcanic soil, cracked and micro-filtered ensuring the freshest flavor possible. The result is the most delicious coconut water and cold brew coffee you’ve ever tasted, pure & simple.

Pura Coco was born out of necessity. Years ago, we began experimenting with the cold brew concept only to quickly realize the traditional method of steeping coffee in cold water resulted in a beverage that left sweetness to be desired. After unsuccessfully attempting to dissolve cane sugar, agave, and honey in the cold brew, we thought, "What if we steep coffee in coconut water instead of just plain water?" Eureka! The natural coconut sugars served perfectly to balance the coffee flavor with a bit of sweetness and enhanced depth of flavor and texture, resulting in the best cold brew coffee on the planet.

Pura Coco is produced in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. We are proud that our production facility in Costa Rica is powered by 100% renewable energy. Additionally, instead of shipping our coconut water from Asia like the vast majority of the competition, we take a short boat ride from Costa Rica to the USA, thus minimizing our carbon footprint.

Founded by Burnett Treat in 2020

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