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Malua was born and raised in Brazil, where different superfoods are a regular part of our everyday diet. 

Carolina discovered green banana, a popular superfood in Brazil, in her late teens and began incorporating it into her daily routine. In just a few weeks her skin began to clear up, her digestion was better than ever, and Carolina's energy levels improved considerably. Carolina couldn't believe this simple ingredient was providing her with so many benefits and transforming her health.

When Carolina moved to the United States a few years later, she wanted to keep green banana in her diet and began experimenting with different recipes. It turned out that her Malua homemade snack bites were the most convenient way to consume her favorite ingredient while keeping up with a busy lifestyle. Carolina shared her recipes with friends who loved the taste, but more importantly, loved the way that green banana made them feel- so she thought it was time for more people to start experiencing the benefits of her 'magic' bites! 

Malua is happy that the health and wellness community is finally recognizing the importance of prebiotics for our microbiome and overall health. Malua brings together Carolina's expertise as a health coach, her lived experience as a working mom, and her love for the superfoods of her country. We hope you enjoy it!

Founded by Carolina Poli in 2020

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