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Made in Dallas, TX

Inspired by the childhood memories of our founder on the streets of Ghana, Kube Cake (as popularly known) is carefully crafted with love and made with the finest quality ingredients.  With the KRAVS twist, every bite of this deliciousness expounds on the rich and bold flavors of Ghana making you KRAVe for more.

“Mako nyinaa mpatu mmere,” meaning “All peppers (presumably on the same branch) do not ripen simultaneously.” – Akan Proverb

Our mission since the beginning of KRAVS has been to help our community. We are inspired by the patience and love of Madam Mary Kuffour and the resilience of her daughter. A portion of our proceeds goes to support intervention programs for families and children with learning and developmental disabilities in Ghana.

Founded by Joseline Ballard in 2020

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