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Black Owned Brands & Products, Organic, Small Batch, Heirloom, Handmade, and Family Owned.

Black Lives Matter. Now, and Always.

We stand firmly in support of our Black employees, Partners, and the entire Black community.

Black Americans continue to disproportionately fall victim to violence, harassment and murder. We believe that drastic steps must be taken to end injustice and intolerance across the US.

In our work donating essential meals through our Giving Partners, we’ve also learned that this systemic inequality and racism especially extends to the issue of homelessness, with Black people making up 40% of the homeless population compared with 13% of the general population in the US. 

A percentage of each product sold gets donated to a partner charity of your choice at checkout or shopping process.

As a company, we recognize it’s essential for us to continue to learn, grow, and dedicate resources towards empowering change in the way Black people are treated in American society. 

Black Owned is a way that anyone can support black owned businesses via the products they buy.  Historically, black owned businesses have been refused access to investor/bank loans and funding, and today only 0.2% of investor executive boards are black directors, making it 99.8% less likely that black owned businesses will receive funding for their startups.
Black Owned is a way that anyone can invest in black owned businesses via the products they buy.
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